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Think of any kind of business that may require the recruitment of developers, programmers, or any other IT people. Or perhaps finance and banking specialists, Professional Services providers, or meaningful market leaders. Beginning with fresh start-ups and other emerging businesses through small and medium-sized enterprises to well-established companies. And now imagine a versatile IT recruitment company that is a perfect match for them. No matter the localization, number of employees, or activity range. Transition period? Dynamic expansion? Opening a new branch abroad? In all those situations you are more than welcome to ask for help and assistance from Sowelo Consulting advisors. It has the experience of working with many types of businesses, and everyone can join this group. The tailor-made offer is in line with the needs of virtually any company.

Professional IT recruitment – good examples

A start-up from Finland, focusing on Robotic Process Automation. A long-established innovative American company, providing software and drive technology solutions… A US organization, hiring over 20,000 people worldwide, one of the fastest-growing IT firms by Fortune magazine… Companies operating not only in the field of IT but also those active in the finance & banking sector. Those offering so-called Professional Services, e.g. in the field of broad marketing. As well as international entities with many branches worldwide.

IT Recruitment Process Outsourcing

What do these companies have in common? All of them have been clients of the Sowelo Consulting agency, served by its professional advisors. Within all these cases, various services have been in use. Some of them include IT Recruitment Process Outsourcing, Interim Recruitment, and Employer Branding. And there is also the Executive Search and Direct Search, enabling precise reaching out to candidates with specific skills.

Of course, the services mix Sowelo professionals apply in particular cases vary. It depends, among others, on the specifics and requirements of a given client. However, the best advisers on the market are there to help and choose the truly advantageous, optimum options. They rely on their vast experience gathered within over a dozen years of the recruiter’s presence on the market.

Krakow, Katowice, Gdansk, Lodz – are Polish cities Sowelo has helped find the right candidates to work in. In some cases, there were as many people as a few hundred needed and recruited for a single location. But the company has been sourcing people not only from various places in Poland. Other European countries, but also the likes as Mexico, or Brazil, are also on the list.  And there are many other examples of successful deliveries and project goals accomplished.

IT recruitment – types of recruitment services available

At Sowelo, there are many options to choose from available regarding the scope of services contracted and provided. Preparing and developing, in every detail, the entire IT recruitment process is one of them. This includes, among others, providing mandatory documents necessary to meet the formal requirements of both Poland and the EU.

Operating under the client’s name from the very beginning of the recruitment phase is also possible. The company may use the Sowelo’s exquisite Employer Branding package, as well. What does it embrace? Promotion of the company’s business may take the form of social media activity and video marketing, for example. Sowelo’s specialists are responsible for the production of compelling video materials. They can reach out too many recipients from the target groups throughout all distribution channels.

Sowelo guarantees the highest standards and immaculate quality of services it provides. No matter the project scope or the necessary work speed. Its employees work effectively even on tight deadlines and within very demanding projects. They tend to be successful even when there is a little number of potential candidates.

The Sowelo Company has a vast and versatile experience in using verified recruitment techniques. At the same time, however, its specialists constantly look for new solutions and strive for achieving even better results. The keys to their success are professionalism, perseverance, hard work, and willingness to learn and improve their efficiency. They like challenges, search for candidates actively, and try hard until they reach the outstanding bottom line.

Within Direct Search, Sowelo advisors effectively find candidates who don’t look for new professional opportunities at all. They already have great jobs at external companies, but they also have specific skills and experience clients need. This is a matter of experience, soft skills, and persistence to convince them to switch to another company.


Recruitment Process Outsourcing within the IT recruitment

What’s interesting, some companies take advantage of the Sowelo’s Direct Search despite having their own talent acquisition teams. They use the Recruitment Process Outsourcing e.g. when they need to proceed with large IT recruitment processes. Also, concerning positions very difficult to recruit. Long-term cooperation is what the company’s specialists focus on. And customer satisfaction is not a meaningless cliche for them.

Choosing the RPO with Sowelo, clients may be sure that all stages of the recruitment will be performed properly. And that the company’s advisors will create a comprehensive recruitment strategy, prepare attractive job offers, and develop candidates’ profiles. Giving the client the right representation results in improving their company image and its recognition, as well.

They’ve recruited a large number of IT specialists, also on managerial, team leaders’, and supervisors’ positions. These wer programmers, technical support engineers, DevOps, automated testers, managers of programming teams, technical support managers, and business analysts. At Sowelo, they know all the types of IT work, and every specialization possible. They are well aware of how to attract given groups of specialists and how to turn them into employees.

Actions that this recruitment company had been taking include publishing articles on its blog redirecting to relevant job offers. Others included preparing a special video presentation of the client’s company for potential candidates. And there was a training of client’s hiring managers in operating the Applicant Tracking System platform. Clients also experienced enabling electronic support for the recruitment process, including lending them Sowelo’s own ATS.

ATS is a professional tool for managing job applicants and keeping order in the candidate database. Besides, using the best recruitment tools is one of the reasons why the company achieves a high hit ratio. This is a crucial effectiveness indicator, reflected in filling vacancies fast and with high-class specialists.