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A career in yachting can be rewarding for those willing to work hard, offering an opportunity to travel the world with like-minded people, while enjoying some pretty amazing perks. Not only do yachting jobs provide a rewarding career, but those who work in the yachting industry can make high salaries, especially crew who work on charter yachts, or those who put in the hard work and dedication to work their way up through the ranks.

If you are considering a career in the yachting industry, then keep on reading! Here, we feature some of the best jobs in yachting to break into the industry with. Remember, for every job at sea – even entry-level ones, you’ll still need to make sure you have the relevant yacht certificates, including a medical certificate, such as the ENG-1, and the STCW Basic Training, which covers personal safety and survival techniques at sea.

Yachting jobs at sea

Junior deckhand

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This yachting job is a great entry-level position for anyone looking to break into the industry via the deck department. Deckhands are responsible for maintaining a yacht’s exterior, including cleanliness and maintenance. Starting in the profession as a junior deckhand, expect to spend most of your time washing, polishing, varnishing, painting, and sanding the exterior of the yacht. Deckhands may also be responsible for small carpentry jobs and could also be required to assist the crew with cleaning the interior of a yacht.

Junior stew/stewardess

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Just like a deckhand is responsible for maintaining the exterior of the yacht, stews and stewardesses are responsible for maintaining the interior of the yacht. Junior stew is a great entry-level route into an interior role, where they will typically spend their days performing general housekeeping duties, as well as food and drink service, table setting, and, on smaller yachts, doing laundry for both yacht owners and their guests, as well as the crew. This job in yachting requires a positive outlook and a can-do attitude, in addition to providing five-star service to owners and their guests.

Second chef / sous chef / crew cook

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For those with catering experience, especially in high-end restaurants or on luxury cruise-liners, working as a second chef, sous chef or crew cook is a great yachting job to break into the industry with. This entry-level job is typically found on larger yachts, where you will work under the guidance and expertise of an experienced yacht chef. The job will involve assisting with purchasing food, food preparation, and cooking for both crew and yacht guests. You’ll also need excellent knowledge of food safety, general healthy standards, nutrition, and food storage for this yacht job position.

Junior spa therapist

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For those with experience working in a high-end spa or on a cruise ship, an entry-level spa therapist role is a great yachting job to break into the industry with. This role is typically found on larger superyachts that have a dedicated spa. As a junior spa therapist, you’ll be responsible for maintaining the spa facilities, while helping to deliver five-star treatments to guests and their owners. When the spa isn’t busy, you’ll be expected to carry out general housekeeping duties.

Laundry stew/stewardess

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You’ll find this entry-level yacht job on larger yachts. Expect to spend most of your days below deck managing the laundry facilities, including completing laundry for both owners and their guests, as well as the crew. On quieter days, laundry stews/stewardess will also be required to assist the interior staff with other housekeeping duties, allowing you to gain new skills and experience to advance your yacht career.

Remember, it takes hard work, perseverance, and the right positive attitude to secure a job in the yachting industry. In addition to making sure you have the relevant yacht qualifications you’ll also need a professional resume.  If you’re looking for your dream yacht job, then a dedicated yacht recruitment agent, such as YPI CREW, can also help you break into the yachting industry.