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Like other official licenses and permits, notary commissions must be renewed periodically to keep them up-to-date. There are certain things you need to do to get any license or permit renewed. Here are four tips for renewing your notary commission.

1. Check Your Jurisdiction’s Renewal Requirements

While the majority of renewal requirements will be the same across jurisdictions, you need to check your specific jurisdiction’s procedure for any specific requirements. For example, a notary renewal Texas may differ from a renewal in Delaware or Pennsylvania in a variety of ways, including the length of the renewal period, the cost to renew, and whether your license needs to be expired before you can renew or not,

2. Review Your Renewal Paperwork Before Submitting It

You should carefully review your renewal paperwork before you submit it to your jurisdiction’s commissioning agency. Check all the information you entered to ensure everything is correct and matches your current notary commission. You need to make sure all the necessary information is filled in, every signature and initial is included and all required paperwork and records are attached. If you forget to include something or if something is misspelled or wrong, then it will take longer for your renewal application to be approved.


3. Submit Your Renewal Paperwork Electronically

The fastest and simplest way to submit your renewal paperwork is by doing so online. Modern electronic submissions are quite safe and secure. Many jurisdictions make it possible for you to create an account and a notary profile when you’re first awarded your notary commission. You can then use this account to check your commission status and apply for renewal as needed. This option is particularly useful because the majority of your information will already be available or can be automatically added to your application.

4. Ask for Help When You Need It

If this is your first time renewing your notary commission or if you have any questions, there are resources available to assist you. You can do a general online search about any questions you have or you can get in touch with a number of organizations specifically meant to help people navigate their renewals. All you need to do to find one of these organizations is to visit your agency’s website and look for affiliate organizations.

Make sure you follow the notary commission renewal procedure to the letter. A notary commission is a legal document allowing you to act as a notary public, so it must be granted and renewed properly.